Cobweb Galaxy: The Evil Detector Comic (with bonus zine)


36 page comic plus new contents

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Cobweb Galaxy: The Evil Detector – 36 page, professionally printed comic with soft-touch cover. The complete first story of my passion project, Cobweb Galaxy. This comic has taken me over a year to complete. It is full colour, texture and shading and is the only script-based comic I’ve ever done. I’m very please I can now share this with you. This version comes with a new cover and a slight re-jig of contents from the first pressing.

BONUS: Cobweb Galaxy: The Life and Times of the Moustache Beetle – 12 page professionally printed booklet featuring a few pages of comic by me and pages from the Mustache Beetle’s autobiography written by author Lex H Jones. A fun story from the point of view of the most egotistical dandy in the universe which is to be read after The Evil Detector.